Frozen warehouse with a capacity of 8 thousand pallet stands. 4,5 thousand for frozen goods and 3,5 thousand for fresh goods. This warehouse is located in Litovel near to the exit 253 of motorway D35. Unčovice 147, Litovel. It was built between years 2021 and 2022. It was opened on the 15th August 2022.

    We offer our customers storage of frozen and fresh goods in hi-tech warehouse serviced by experienced employees. Semi-automatick rack system, reliable manipulation equipment and logistic system Logi from CID International, a.s. are your warranty of secure manipulation with your goods. In this system you can online review your stored goods.

    We offer to our customers storing services of frozen and fresh goods, its picking and distribution with the cooperation of our partner company Frosttrans s.r.o. (through FROSTTRANS s.r.o.). As well we offer freezing goods in a freezing tunnel (in the temperatures minus 30 °C - minus 35 °C). Other services as defrosting, labelling, repacking and other additional work if requiered. Modern rack system and team of experienced employees are compulsory to us. To our customers we offer online review of the stored good in the Logi.

    Working times: work days 7:00am – 5:00pm out of working hours by agreement.

    We work under the supervision of regional veterinary administration: CZ7174047.
    IFS Certificate

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Mrazírny Eurofrost s.r.o. - Litovel
Unčovice 147
Litovel 784 01